August 7, 2018

Several Teams from the SAMSBL are going to the World Series Events in Arizona and Florida during October and November.

As everyone knows, all tournament-bound players must be qualified to participate in these events. I need to sign ALL TOURNAMENT ROSTERS. Each Manager is to submit them in a timely fashion for signature.

Teams that need practice games slots simply let me know. MBA is the first site I choose for these practices.

ANNOUNCEMENTS as of September 11, 2018

September 11, 2018

ADOLPH HOFFMAN's funeral was truly a celebration of his very long life. Many accolades and memories were offered by his large family and a few others. The Navy Honor Guard offered TAPS at his grave site. We all could hear the "crack of the bat" as Rookie Adolph hit a double off his shipmate Bob Fellar in the Heavenly All Star Game.

PHIL GALLOWAY, will head the TEXAS DIVISION of the SAMSBL. The AGE GROUP will be 49 and below. ALL interested Players connect with him for details of his League. 210 240 4803.

The SAMSBL will keep 50+, and 60+. All Managers will be contacted for a meeting this month about the 2019 Season. Expect the location to be MBA.

The SAMSBL will Host the 2019 TEXAS CUP during Labor Day Weekend 2019, August 31 and September 1&2. Details to follow. But expect 18+, 30+, 40+, 50+, and 60+ divisions.


August 7, 2018

This policy is meant to be right up front.

Several 2018 National Tournaments are on the horizon. In order to participate in these events, players need to be SAMSBL league members.

To attend the National World Series, a player or team needs to have participated in the SAMSBL league. The SAMSBL has a strict policy regarding tournament players. All League Members sign their respective waivers agreeing to the policy. Any player needs a release from me to play on any other team in the nation.

If you play in the SAMSBL, then support the SAMSBL with your talents on the tournament teams at all times. Even pool players need a release. We send over a dozen teams to state and national tournaments. There is room for all who wish to go.


May 6, 2018

Dick O Neal reports the his wife is responding to rehab procedures. She is expected to be released next Friday to go home.

Dick has asked for those continued prayers from all his SAMSBL friends for Harriet, please.