MBA Updates: No Coolers. Gate Fee.

April 2, 2018

MBA is an active Select Ball Park. Expect games at all fields every weekend the SAMSBL plays.

As a result, every League guest will be charged a gate entry fee. In addition, all Players are NOT to bring in any coolers or ice chest of any kind.

Expect the Concessions to be opened during our time on site.

So, to repeat: A new regime has taken over. No outside food nor drink is allowed through gate. And, guests will be charged.

PARKER PLAZA. Really, really Nice.

June 3, 2018

Dave Parker has built 3 bedroom Apartments at 831 Terrell, on Harry Wurbach, next to Ft. Sam.

Special for Members of the SAMSBL: $1,850.00. Call him!

Luxury Apartments. $2,000.00 per month plus utilities. Many, many amenities.

He did an excellent job on these units. Just opened. Call him at 210 602 3784.


May 6, 2018

Dick O Neal reports the his wife is responding to rehab procedures. She is expected to be released next Friday to go home.

Dick has asked for those continued prayers from all his SAMSBL friends for Harriet, please.