June 15, 2020

Several Teams from the SAMSBL are looking to go to the World Series Events in Arizona and Florida during October and November.

As everyone knows, all tournament-bound players must be qualified to participate in these events. I need to sign ALL TOURNAMENT ROSTERS. Each Manager is to submit them in a timely fashion for signature.

Potential Teams are:

1. Bombers, invitation only 2. Either 55 or 60 +, A's, Gary Whitney/Carlton Hutchinson 3. 60 & 65 Texans, Invitational Only 4. 35 or 40+ Titans, Invitation Only.

Once a manager is identified, we may create more teams for WS participation.


May 6, 2018

Dick O Neal reports the his wife is responding to rehab procedures. She is expected to be released next Friday to go home.

Dick has asked for those continued prayers from all his SAMSBL friends for Harriet, please.