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SAMSBL is a league of adult amateurs who play baseball (real hardball) in age divisions of Open, 30 & over, 40 & over, 50 & over, and 60 & over.  The SAMSBL is a member of the national organization known as the Men's Senior Baseball League/Men's Adult Baseball League (MSBL/MABL). The league is for men who love the game of baseball. SAMSBL is in its third decade of existence. We have tryouts once a year in February. We all pay to play from mid-March until August for league games (about 21 games) on weekends. Tournaments are extra and usually occur over the major holidays throughout the summer. The grand finale is the National World Series in Phoenix, AZ during October.
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TRYOUTS for 60+, 50+ and 30+

January 22, 2023

Tryouts for new players to be Held on February 12. Site TBD.

60+ will be at 11 am. 50+ at 12 30 pm. 30+ at 2 pm.

We are looking to have 60+, 50+, and 35+ at two (2) sites. March through September for one season with teams getting 15 - 18 games spread out over the months. Expect some weekends off.

Oldest Home Run Hitter in SAMSBL

November 25, 2022

An Update: 64 years, & 3 months old is one JJ Bailey who is the oldest League Player to hit an In-the-Park home run. Now everyone knows.

So far Jerry Spencer remains the oldest member to hit a home run. In order for his head not swell, need someone older to de-throne him. A little known fact for SAMSBL is the "older" players are monitored for a rare accomplishment.

And that is hitting home runs, rare, very rare. But miracles do happen every once and a while.

Some history: the first "old" guy to hit a home run was Pete Powell at Sanchez-Spencer when he was 57. The 2nd was Tom Keyser at Blanco at 58. The 3rd was Nelson Wolff at Texas State when he was 64.

And now, at 66 years and TWO months, is the current record holder, Jerry Spencer at Blanco 2 weeks ago.

He is thinking his ball rolled a total distance of nearly 500 feet from Home plate. That record is 617 feet.

Update for 2023

November 25, 2022

Some 2023 details

We have a new site to play baseball in 2023. It has lights. So we can expand. Over the next month all managers will be invited to see the location. It means we can add more teams and play some Saturday games. More details offered here as they become available.

We are looking to have a 50+ division and a 60+ division and a younger division. Expect to play 15 - 18 games. We start in March and will end in September. Details will be published here during late December and early January.

We will have a Managers meeting on 7 December to address all pertinent information for the 2023 season.

I will ask each Manager for a $1,000 deposit that night. I expect about $3,000 per team for 2023.

Several new teams will join us.


November 25, 2022

The LEGENDS concept of 70+ was quite a success. And we will continue the practice. But we will modify our LEGENDS approach to address a growing problem: AGE. It seems that many of us are "falling off the table" as far as skill and ability is concerned. We are not near as good as we think we are!

To address this situation, I will declare the LEGENDS League for those "C" players who still want to play, because you are vertical, yet will not see a lot of field time on a better squad. In short, you should stop, but like me, you still want to "suit up". So I will create a League for us "C" players to be on the field every game.

Details to follow. Expect cost to be about $400 per player.

35 & Over Division Standings
50 & Over Division Standings
60 & Over Division Standings
35+ Division 50+ Division 60+ Division
Purpose: To stop any type of trash talking 100% of the time. There will be no trash talking between players. There will be no trash talking between managers/umpires and players. Managers may (NOT) trash talk between themselves. The League President will implement an arbitrary fine system, at his sole discretion, payable immediately by the offender(s) should they wish to continue playing baseball in the SAMSBL. Ejections are not necessary to trigger fines.

Purpose: To stop excessive delay of game while waiting for runner exchange to take place. The exact non-runner/shared runner must be immediately available to replace hitter on base OR the umpires will negate the option, immediately.

Purpose: To stop excessive delays in the exchange process. Two Minutes, only, is allowed. Umpires can call strikes or balls, as necessary, to trigger the first pitch of the inning. It is possible to have runners on base or an out recorded prior to the first pitch if delay occurs.

Purpose: To ensure all players on the fields are eligible to be there. Managers are to ensure all players are on proper waivers at all times. No player is eligible to play if he has not signed a proper waiver. Roster additions/deletions are addressed between the Manager and League President.

SMOKING/VAPING/CHEWING/DIPPING Tobacco Products or Alternatives
Purpose: To ensure all SAMSBL members know the penalties for violating the simple rule of NO, NOT ALLOWED at any time while playing league games. Nowhere at any ball park are we ever permitted to smoke, chew, or spit. Fines will be implemented, immediately and must be paid, quicker. These fines will be arbitrary and hefty, especially if repeat offender. If smoking areas ARE available, then you are cleared to smoke, chew, and spit in those areas ONLY!

NO non-MSBL TEAM/Payer
IN SAN ANTONIO will be allowed to enter the MSBL world series Purpose: From Steve Sigler on December 2, 2016, 9:32 AM. All interested players who wish to participate in 2017 and beyond MSBL world series are required to be SAMSBL league members in good standing with the League. No exceptions!

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